ENERGOMONTAŻ-POŁUDNIE KATOWICE Sp. z o.o. Company as a part of Energomontaż Południe Group was purchased by the Private Investor along with the organized part of the enterprise containing the references, know-how, personnel experience, certificates and authorizations, human resources, equipment and running contracts.

ENERGOMONTAŻ-POŁUDNIE KATOWICE Sp. z o.o. Company is based on over 60 years tradition and experience of Energomontaż Południe Group in the management and execution of major and complex projects on power, gas & oil and industrial markets.

Our priority is success of the executed projects and further improvement of the competences as well as solutions offered to our Clients in the field of modern executive technologies and specialized products.

Business activity of the Company is focused on delivery, assembly and modernization of power engineering installations mainly in power engineering and petrochemical sectors.

ENERGOMONTAŻ-POŁUDNIE KATOWICE Sp. z o.o. Company specializes in the mechanical erection of:

  • power boilers

  • technological and process pipelines

  • gas and liquid tanks

  • air and flue gas ducts

  • static and dynamic mechanical devices

  • steel structures


Core business activity is supplemented by services rendered by its specialised divisions:

  • Training Centre –  in the scope of training assembly personnel, including welders

  • Laboratory and Research Centre – in the scope of execution destructive and non-destructive testing of materials and welding joints.


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