Reference projects

EPDK projects


  • BOILERWORKS – Heating Plants Faroe Island, Tømmervej and Kara/Noveren
    Replacement of screen pipes

    Modernization of piping


  • FORTUM Zabrze
    Modernization of regeneration system of the TG – 7 turbine set

  • ANWIL Włocławek
    Repair of Crystallizer and steam systems of the boiler, as well as cooling and condensation systems on Boiler No. 1

New power units


  • Karlsruhe RDK 8 – 912 MW
    Installation of boiler pressure parts and pipelines

  • Westfalen – 2 x 800 MW
    Manufacturing, delivery and installation of flue gas ducts and SCR casing

  • Datteln – 1100 MW
    Installation of boiler pressure parts

  • Mannheim GKM 9 – 912 MW
    Installation of boiler pressure parts and pipelines


  • Maasvlakte – 1100 MW
    Installation of boiler pressure parts and pipelines

  • Eemshaven – 2 x 800 MW
    Manufacturing, delivery and  installation of flue gas ducts

  • Rotterdam – 800 MW
    Installation of connection pipes


  • Bełchatów – 858 MW
    Installation of pressure parts, HP, LP and MP pressure pipelines, drainage pipelines, ducts and auxiliary systems

  • Będzin Łagisza – 464 MW
    Manufacturing, delivery and installation of ducts and steel structure supporting the engine room, installation of turbine auxiliaries
Modernization projects


  • Wesseling Oil Refinery
    Modernization of Boiler No. 2 – replacement of the boiler walls and repair of the rotational heater


  • PGE – Bełchatów Power Plant
    Modernization of Power Unit No. 6. Dismantling and installation of pressure parts, load-bearing structure, air and flue gas ducts, of the total weight of 4300 t

  • TAURON Wytwarzanie – Łaziska Power Plant
    Modernization and general overhaul of TK 255 Turbine-Generator Set – Power Unit No. 11

Industrial plants


  • Wesseling Oil Refinery
    Delivery and installation of heater and load-bearing pipes of Boiler No. 6, delivery and installation of Boiler No. 1 Hopper


  • Indawer Waste Incineration Plant
    Installation of Recovery Boiler OS76 along with auxiliary equipment


  • Glimar Gorlice Oil Refinery
    Manufacturing and installation of Hydrocomplex piping system

  • T.C. Dębica Tire Company
    Manufacturing of nitrogen pipelines, installation of three tanks (50 t, 2 x 25 t), as well as installation of a complete station for the production of nitrogen, reciprocating compressors and turbocompressors

  • Frantschach Świecie Pulp and Paper Plant
    Delivery and installation of steel chimney (Ø = 2.5 m, H = 100 m)

  • Okocim Brzesko Brewery
    Installation of water (Ø219 mm), demineralized water (Ø108 mm) and ammonia (Ø139 mm and Ø50 mm) pipelines
Biomass installations


  • PGE – Dolna Odra Power Plant
    Installation of a biomass storage, processing and transportation system, as well as modernization of burners for the OP-650 Boiler

  • PKE – Łaziska Power Plant
    Construction of a biomass preparation and transportation system for 225 MW Boiler


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